I had a mysql sql  file of 430 MB.

phpmyadmin had size limit so it did not work
the i tried mysql tool MySQL Query Browser.
but that failed as well it will work for like 50 Mb sql file , for a file large as 430 Mb it wont simply load the sql script
i googled , searched  to find a solution but did not  find any .
then i had an idea, why not split the sql files  into pieces 50 MB each and then execute it one by one it worked but it  was  time consuming  here is what i did

1 – i downloaded  : http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/filesplit/

2 – split my 430 Mb  file to 9 files 50 MB each

3 – open each file in wordpad checked the last  sql query  to see weather it was cut off or not  and yes it was i just copied the last partial line to a new file  and then open next one and cut first partial line and saved it  to the file and then looked at end of second file and also find a partial  query there did the same thing for all 9 files

and then  used MySQL Query Browser to execute each sql file to my mysql database

i know this is time consuming but it did work
if some body has better solution let me know.